Program Descriptions


Center Based Programs

Therapeutic Parenting Program & Child Development Center/Early Intervention Services
The fundamental philosophy underlying PB&J’s Therapeutic Parenting Program and Child Development Center is rooted in therapeutic support to high risk families and development of resilience within children. Helping at-risk children grow and develop to their full potential in nurturing families within a supportive community and facilitating healthy relationships through positive parenting skills, bonding and attachment, and age appropriate expectations of child development and behavior.

PB&J’s Therapeutic Parenting Program and Child Development Center is designed to be a trauma informed, psychoeducational, interactive group in which parents/primary care giver(s) and children attend together and learn through experiential participation.   Our intensive parenting program is for families with children birth through five years of age and utilizes the Nurturing Parenting Curriculum in combination with PB&J’s “Heart Centered Approach.”  Families attend either a 16 or 28 week closed group curriculum, which includes a weekly 2.5 hour session that is facilitated by a clinician and developmental specialist.  The sessions will be comprised of a combination of parent/child interactive facilitated time, in addition to psycho-educational adult groups and developmentally appropriate children’s groups.  Groups are offered on various days and at different times of the day or evening.

Families participating in this program will receive the following services, based on their need and eligibility: Developmental assessments/evaluations, developmental instructions (in the home and community), counseling services (FTCT), art therapy, individual and/or group counseling, psychoeducational parent groups, social work services, nursing and nutritional support, service coordination/case management services, speech, occupational and physical therapy; field trips and community outings for psychosocial exposure and opportunities;  transportation; and meals.

New Mexico PRE-K Extended Day Program
This early childhood program provides 4 year old children access to developmentally appropriate activities with a focus on school readiness. The program was developed following the principles of the New Mexico PreK Curriculum with activities based on age appropriate child development/early childhood principles including, the needs, interests, desires, language, home experiences, cultural values and relevant life experience of the child and families served. The curriculum is based on the New Mexico Early Learning Guidelines and is designed to achieve long-range goals for children in all domains including physical, motor, social, emotional, language, and cognitive. The children attend school Monday through Thursday from 9am to 3pm with transportation services available.

Home and Community Based Services

New Mexico Home Visiting
This program provides parenting educational services, child developmental guidance and local community resource information to families with children prenatal to three in the home or alternative locations at the family’s request.
• Prenatal home visits provide information on health, nutrition, preparing for the birth of the child and child development. Information is also provided on attachment and relationship with infants, breastfeeding, impact of alcohol, tobacco and drugs on pregnancy, seatbelt use, birth control after pregnancy, premature labor, oral health for mother and infant, folic acid, weight control and diabetes. All pregnant women are screened for depression and domestic violence issues.
• Families of children birth to three receive child developmental screenings, observation of attachment behaviors between infant/toddler and parent/caregiver, administration of a social support index to assist families with identifying informal support networks and administration of the PICCOLO to assist families with establishing positive interactions with their infants or toddlers.
• Referrals are provided to community agencies/services as necessary.

Time Limited Reunification (TLR)
Time Limited Reunification is an intensive home based program designed to support families in reunifying their children currently in Children Youth and Families Department Protective custody. These services are available during non-traditional hours in order to expedite the reunification process and to provide wraparound support to the families. The services provided include an environmental assessment and intervention to improve individual and family interactions, increasing the parent’s protective capacities with their children by building on the strengths of the parent, self and family management and case management, coordination and linkage to other services. This program requires a direct referral from the CYFD treatment worker in Bernalillo or Sandoval County.

Family Support Services/ CBCAP Program (FSS)
Family Support Services are available to families with at least one child, age 0-5 years old. This program is provided to families in their home, at least twice a week to support the family with parenting, crisis intervention and case management. Each family receives an assessment to evaluate the needs of the family and to develop a family plan to address those needs. In the program, each family has the option of participating in a parent leadership program which meets once a month to provide support and educational learning activities in order to enhance their participation in the program. Families can participate in the program for up to six months. Referrals are accepted by families, other services providers or CYFD.

Pathways is a program designed to reduce unmet needs, address health inequities, and improve the overall health of the residents of Bernalillo County. It focuses on positive health outcomes by utilizing community health navigators as care coordinators who connect at-risk residents to resources and follow their progress toward improved health outcomes. Meaningful outcomes for the clients are reached by following a step-by-step approach (Pathways). While individual clients attain improved health, common systems issues are also brought to light and result in stronger service coordination

Families Impacted by Incarceration

Metropolitan Detention Center
PB&J provides a therapeutic environment for children and families to engage in developmentally appropriate, interactive activities while they are waiting to have a visit at the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC). The children are provided with snacks and the families are screened for any case management needs with referrals given for appropriate services. The staff is trained to coach and model age appropriate play and adult/child interactions with attention to issues resulting from parental incarceration.

Juvenile Community Corrections Program (JCC)
The Juvenile Community Corrections program is a program funded by Children Youth and Families Department. The JCC program is a unique approach to working with incarcerated teen parents and their families. The program provides services that are gender responsive, culturally competent and based on the client’s individualized needs. The program emphasizes on intensive individual parenting skills, parenting groups, therapeutic supervised family visits and intensive home visiting upon release.

Fatherhood Reentry Program 
This program strives for the successful reunification of fathers with their families after incarceration. Reunification is an indicator of success, correlating with lower drug use, greater likelihood of finding jobs, and reduced criminal activity. PB&J Fatherhood Reentry partners with the New Mexico Corrections Department (NMCD) as part of its comprehensive reentry strategy for pre- and post-release programming. Services are provided to parents within correctional facilities, including pre-release parenting classes, therapeutic parent-child visitation, and case management. PB&J works with the children and caretakers outside of the facilities by providing case management and counseling. Fatherhood Reentry also offers post-release support through therapeutic bonding-attachment programs, home visiting to promote child safety and family bonding, a weekly support group for participants and families, and subsidized employment and job training for participants.  PB&J’s application focuses on an employment-focused mentorship program for fathers reentering the greater Albuquerque community. Mentoring focused on employment and job training in industries that our fathers are interested in, qualified, and have projected local employment growth. In partnership with Fathers Building Futures workforce training center, these opportunities include Auto Detailing, Mobile Power Washing, Woodworking, and Freight/Delivery Services.  Mentoring focused on employment needs combines best practices to help ex-offenders secure employment while promoting positive social bonds.