Rose Posted July 11, 2013 by network


Rose’s childhood was less than ideal with abuse, drugs and alcohol surrounding her.  As she grew, she did not learn to choose healthy relationships, she married young and had a child.  Six years ago, when her son was 2 ½, she came to PB&J seeking help to make positive changes in life. Rose and her son are now safe and on a new path.

Rose is the founder and owner of Mosaic Services, a small vending machine company and is starting a new business venture, a community co-working space called Mind Grind.  She is enrolled in PB&J’s Business Entrepreneurial Fellowship Mentoring Program to learn skills to make her business successful.

“PB&J was fundamental to healing the trauma in our lives and helping me and my son to confidently move forward.  The teachers, staff and therapists within PB&J were there through everything to support me and give me the tools to help my son through all of the emotions and changes happening in our lives.”

Rose’s son is now 8 and thriving in school. It’s been more than 3 years since she’s needed PB&J. Last year she even sent a check for PB&J’s  “Keep’n the Lights On” Fund which helped pay off another mom’s PNM debt and by doing so, saved a family from homelessness.  And has since made many more donations to PB&J.

“It costs PB&J $3,000 to work with one family for an entire year.  I can’t get out of my head that someone did that for me for more than 2 years!  I can now give back and that’s what I plan to do!”