Horacio Posted July 11, 2013 by network


“PB&J’s Fathers Building Futures program helped me, a father who lost everything and who was imprisoned to reconnect with my family and eventually become the owner of my own business.”

A former truck driver, Horacio faced incarceration after a lawsuit caused him to lose everything. In prison, he had little contact with his family and wasn’t able to see his children for five years. However, Horacio was able to make a connection with his kids after requesting the help of PB&J Family Services. PB&J helped him by eliminating the cost of calling his kids, providing supplies to make cards for his kids, and introducing him back into his kids’ lives. Once released, Horacio enrolled in the Fathers Building Futures program for seven months, a program that allowed him to learn useful skills, such as woodworking, and to gain work experience and a wage immediately after imprisonment. Without this program, Horacio fears that he would have ended up back in prison, since he would not have had the employment it provides. Today, he and his family are whole once again and he has proudly opened his own woodworking and custom designs business.