Fermin Posted July 11, 2013 by network


“PB&J helped me, a dad who had struggled with a drug addiction and incarceration to begin a new life with my son.” In 2007, Fermin was released from prison and was given the daunting task of building a new future for himself and for his son. Fortunately, he knew he didn’t have to do it alone. While incarcerated, Fermin had learned of PB&J Family Services and sought their aid in planning his life after prison. PB&J provided Fermin with the information he needed to prepare for his release, to talk about the dangers of drugs with his son and to lead a productive life after imprisonment. Through his work with PB&J he has able to find a steady job, improve his credit score which will help him to purchase a house, and  “stop empty promises.” He and his son are thriving: his son is an Honor Roll student at a great charter school and participates in a wide range of activities including sports and theater. Without PB&J, Fermin feels that he would be back in prison and wouldn’t have the lasting relationship he has with his son today, saying, “My son follows my new example before he follows my advice.” Together they have come many miles and have an even brighter road ahead.